Now you can create custom merchandise, place directly into your store and have it printed and shipped from one of our many global printing partners.

  • MerchCast: a game-changer in branded merchandise

    We believe in finding and supporting the best social entrepreneurs across the world that are using technology and the internet to help solve the world's problems.


    OneLive debuts new technology that is already changing the way their customers look at maximizing their branded merchandise.


    With just a simple form to fill out, you will have the power of MerchCast intertwined into your Shopify or BigCommerce store.


    MerchCast is one of the cornerstone technologies of OneLive's new and revolutionary toolset that is reimagining the e-commerce industry.

  • What can on demand do for you?

    MerchCast is a technology platform which is integrated with the top digital printers around the world, leveraging the scale of OneLive to achieve the very best price and delivery speed, enhanced worldwide reach, flexibility, reduced inventory, unlimited creativity, unparalleled pricing, best in class quality, and regional shipping.

    The Most Distributed Print-On-Demand Platform On The Planet

    Globalized print-on-demand Localized printers around the world for fast delivery

    No more international shipping fees or import duties

    Open API platform for fast 3rd party integrations

    Lowest negotiated printer rates on the market

    The biggest music artists in the world use MerchCast